QOTD: Bernie Sanders

QOTD: Bernie Sanders

by digby

People thinking that Senator Bernie Sanders was happy to receive help from the Russian government in 2016 are on the wrong track. Sanders is a man of the left who understands what the Putin government is really all about and unlike Donald Trump, it's not anything that he admires or supports.

This quote
from his foreign policy speech last September is something I would hope everyone from the center to the far left could agree upon. If we don't, we are going to have even bigger problems than we already have:

Inequality, corruption, oligarchy and authoritarianism are inseparable. They must be understood as part of the same system, and fought in the same way. Around the world we have witnessed the rise of demagogues who once in power use their positions to loot the state of its resources. These kleptocrats, like Putin in Russia, use divisiveness and abuse as a tool for enriching themselves and those loyal to them.

Indeed. And it's happening all over the world. Our own demagogue is an f-ing moron so he's not quite as efficient as some of them but a little tutoring from his pals in the Party and maybe a few tips from his foreign despot friends and who knows? His pals in the congress are certainly getting the looting part of the job done.

People need to open their eyes about this.