Projection watch

Projection watch

by digby

Remember this?

DONALD TRUMP: The media is so corrupt that Hillary was given the exact wording of a question from a previous debate! Remember this? Just recently.

Word for word, given the questions. Here are the questions... Nobody gave me the questions.

I don't know what I'd do. Would I turn the people in? Or would I take the questions?

She was given the question-- I think I'd turn them in, I think I'd ask what's going on over here.

I want to know, was she given the questions to my debate. But it doesn't matter because we won...

But she was given the questions to a debate by Donna Brazile, who is now under pressure to resign. She should resign.

But I ask you, why didn't Hillary say, 'I can't do this... I can't take these questions?'

Nobody from the media is asking that question. Why is it? They're putting a lot of pressure on Donna Brazile. She was on television the other night. It was brutal. They're putting a lot of pressure on her, but tell me, she handed the questions to Hillary. She figured out the answers, put whatever she had to do, and then why she didn't she say: 'I'm not allowed to do this'?

Years ago, years ago, there was a show called the $64,000 Question. Does anybody remember? Don't say it? Really? A contestant... got the questions in advance, prior to the show and his life was ruined. But Hillary got the questions in advance, and the press doesn't even bring it up.

Can you imagine if I got the questions in advance and they found out?

Can you, can you imagine if I got the questions and they found out? They would reinvent a much more sinister form of the electric chair, is that right? It would be awful. I have to ask the press to find out. Why aren't they asking Hillary why she didn't turn in the people that gave her the answers and those questions?

He attacked the other side for doing what he did:

You cannot go wrong if you assume any attack is really projection of his own behavior.