President Miller fulfilling Pope Bannon’s dreams?

President Miller fulfilling Pope Bannon's dreams?

by digby

Well, yes. Of course:

Congressional leaders fear President Donald Trump’s staff are exploiting the president’s busy schedule to push their own agenda and undermine his pledge to protect Dreamers.

According to four political operatives working closely with Republicans, leaders in both the House and Senate characterized some of the White House’s demands, which have yet to go public, as “poison pills,” saying they are impossible to achieve and that the White House staffers’ intent is to scuttle the deal for political gain.

The focus of their ire is on Stephen Miller, Trump’s senior policy adviser, who drafted the principles and has been behind several other controversial White House initiatives, including the ban on travel from several Muslim-majority nations. He is one of the few hard-right conservatives remaining in the White House after the departure of Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon.

“We use to joke about President Bannon. Now it's President Miller,” one senior lawmaker said in a meeting about the White House’s immigration and border security demands.

I wonder why anyone thinks Trump actually cares? He pretends to care, yes. But depending on the day he might just decide that it's in his best interest to stick it to Latinos. It's not like he doesn't do it with regularity.

I hope this idea of Trump being "busy" and that he's being manipulated by his staff to do things he doesn't want to do doesn't take hold. He's got plenty of time to tweet. And if he gave a damn about DREAMers they wouldn't be able to manipulate him. He doesn't.

This is the Donald Trump administration and he is the president, no one else. And his people are with him.