On The Owning Of Things

I don't know Dr. Gu, but he seems like a thoughtful, decent man.  In fact, imma go out on a limb and say that all of the people I have seen across social media today declaring that the Republicans now "own" this fiasco are probably thoughtful.  And decent.  And wrong.

Because if there is one thing at which the Republican Party (and their enablers in the media) excel at above all other thing it is blowing shit up and NOT owning it.  In fact, the last 40 year of American politics has been one, long, escalating cycle of Republican lying, cheating, plundering the government and killing everything they touch, and then being promptly and completely excused from taking any responsibility for anything they do by their eager enablers in the press.

It is the foundation on which the entire High and Holy Church of Both Siderism was built, and I see no sign whatsoever that any of the fundamentals of this toxic codependency have changed.  The corporations who own our media have used the Rise of Trump not as an object lesson in the dangers of letting Republicans anywhere near the levers of power, but as an opportunity to give every unreconstructed Bush Regime Dead-Ender who is willing to say mean things about Il Douche a quick tuck-and-roll credibility rehab.

Even in the face of President Stupid's daily, public molestation of the basic norms of democracy and civilization our corporate media has refused to permit the spectrum of our political dialogue to expand to create a debate between the creators of the GOP Pretty Hate Machine that manifested Donald Trump, and those who have been warning about the trajectory the Republican Party has been taking for decades.   Instead, our corporate media has constricted the spectrum to A) Republicans Who Get Paid To Defend Trump and, B) Republicans Who Get Paid To Say Mean Things About Trump But Would Be Defending Marco Rubio If He Were Enacting The Same Depraved Policies But Without The Tweets.

As was true during the Age of Clinton, the Age of Bush and the Age of Obama, our corporate media has no place for those who were right all along, but always has plenty of room for the latest tome by the author of such searing works of political truth as The Right Man: The Surprise Presidency of George W. Bush and An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror (with Richard Perle)
I understand the opening is quite riveting
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