Nunes on the “good” Deep State

Nunes on the "good" Deep State

by digby

The one that serves the right masters:

He is admitting that FBI agents who were out to sabotage Clinton were linking information to him. Information, by the way, that proved to be nothing but ended up moving an election.

That would be government agents acting on behalf of Trump,sharing investigative information with their political allies. There's no evidence that the DOJ lovers did anything at all to affect the election on behalf of Hillary Clinton. If they had acted like these FBI pals on Nunes, the Russia investigation would have been exposed.

Instead, the FBI told the NY Times this in the days leading up to the election:

They sure had a funny way of helping Clinton and hurting Trump...

This Daily Beast article about the NY FBI office remains the gold standard for understanding what happened there. It was supposed to be investigated along with the Clinton case by the Inspector General but was inexplicably left out of it. I don't think anyone has determined why. Maybe the "good" Deep State stepped in an put a stop to it. If it's still ongoing, Nunes' little comment last night will likely be evidence. If anyone dares....