Noted Iraq War Porn Purveyor and Bush Regime Dead-Ender Would Like a Little Credit Please

After spending his entire adult life goose-stepping happily along with the Republican party line, we are all so very fortunate that Maximilian Doomwell Sturmdude von Boot  still has a column in the Washington Post so we can all join him in congratulating himself in figuring out all by himself that his Republican party was, y'know, fucked in the head

From the WaPo:
After a lifetime as a Republican, I re-registered as an independent on the day after Donald Trump’s election.
So brave!
Explaining my decision, I noted that Trumpkins...
It took you your entire adult life to notice what we Libtards had been screaming about for 30 years, so maybe your epic powers of decision-making don't need to be shared with the world.

Also, they're "Republicans" you vantz, not "Trumpkins"
I still hoped then that traditional conservatives might eventually prevail, but, I wrote, “I can no longer support a party that doesn’t know what it stands for — and that in fact may stand for positions that I find repugnant.”

I am more convinced than ever that I made the right decision. The transformation I feared has taken place...
And so forth and so on, yadda yadda yadda.  He wants Democrats to win now, so good for Max.  Way to go, Max!

So what new and exciting things will this Archimedes of Mediocrity discover all by himself?

Who knows!  But I'll bet you a penny and a fiddle of gold the Washington Post will pay him to tell us all about it!

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