Non-Contradiction by tristero


by tristero

What's seems more bizarre than Trump/Giuliani's assertion that the president can't be indicted even if he shot Comey? The fact that Republicans haven't risen up in alarm to condemn that obscene remark. It appears to makes no sense.  Don't Republicans realize their acclaiming Donald Trump the King of America will come back to haunt them when Democrats regain power?

Actually, it makes perfect sense and Republicans are being entirely consistent. It rests on the following assumption:

Democrats will never regain power over any federal branch again. They will never regain a majority of governorships or a majority of statehouses. Ever.

The November election will test, to some extent, whether this assumption is valid...but only to some extent. If Democrats win, Republicans will simply move their fight to permanently retain power to other  venues than the ballot box. And not just to the courts. Charlottesville comes to mind, only far worse.

My American life has seen the Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Cambodia, the resignation of a president, El Salvador, 9/11, state-sponsored racist murders, and the needless slaughter and torture of one million Iraqis by a drooling psychopath of a president.

But today, we are living in potentially the most tragically awful period of all. It is the word "potentially" that provides me some hope but I'm well aware of another way of putting it: Five hundred dreadful days into the Trump presidency, the worst is probably ahead of us.