No words against Dear Leader

No words against Dear Leader

by digby

They're getting more explicit about it. I posted this before:

But this is where it's really going. Bannon says that you can't criticize or mock the Commander in Chief while we have "kids" in the field.

First of all, Bannon and Trump had no trouble criticizing the last president, who also had "kids" in the field. But charges of hypocrisy are a waste of breath because these people don'tcare about that.

What's more important is the fact that Bannon is now conflating criticizing the president with criticizing the troops, which is what Bannon and his fellow authoritarian white nationalists see as the underlying message of the anthem protests. The players aren't just disrespecting the flag, they are disrespecting the military and the military is headed by Donald Trump. Therefore, they are disrespecting our Dear Leader.