No witnesses

No witnesses

by digby

So the Republicans are going to limit the hearing to a professinal lawyer and character assassin who's been before a Senate hearing dozens of times and a woman who has no such experience for one big moment and then ... nothing? They aren't going to call any of the witnesses, including the alleged "character witness" who the victim claims took part in the assault and has confessed to being a blackout drunk?

How about the victim's therapist or the many people she told before Kavanaugh became a Supreme Court nominee? No?

If the Republicans think they can railroad this woman by hauling her before their tribunal of old white men and then confirm Kavanaugh anyway on the basis of he said-she said, they must have decided they are losing the Senate anyway so they might as well go out in a blaze of misogynist glory.

I guess they have also decided that they only need white, conservative men to vote for them ever again. There are a lot of those guys, to be sure. But there aren't enough. And their numbers are suffering tremendous shrinkage....