No, the Democrats aren’t the enemy of DREAMers. Don’t believe the BS

No, the Democrats aren't the enemy of DREAMers. Don't believe the BS

by digby

President Trump is an imbecile so I don't expect any better from him. But the following tweet does need to be rebutted and rebutted hard because there are people out there who might actually believe that the Democrats don't care about the DREAMers and that's just not true:

Here's what really happened:

-Obama took office 1/20/09

-Democrats got 60 votes in the Senate 7/7/09

-Democrats lost 60th vote 2/4/10

-Democrats lost the House and 6 Senate seats in the 2010 election

-After no progress and pressure, Obama put DACA in place in 6/12

-Senate passed Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 6/13, the GOP House ignored it

-Trump killed DACA 8/17

That doesn't even take into account the attempts between 2000 and 2009 to fix this problem, all of which were defeated by the likes of Jeff Sessions and the xenophobe caucus. This wasn't the Democrats being spineless. In fact, Obama took an uncharacteristic risk by issuing DACA out of sheer frustration with the process. They hoped to get legislation to codify it but the House got scared of Laura Ingraham and David Brat and that was that.