Myths About Kavanaugh by tristero

Myths About Kavanaugh 

by tristero

The Kavanaugh story is over — Hardly. This guy spent a lot of his youth shit-faced. There's a lot more out there and it will come out.

I was very puzzled as to why Kavanaugh put himself and his family through what must have been torture last week. But he did. However, that pales in comparison to the humiliation he'll face in the years to come. As long as he's on the Court, his black-outs, his assaults, his lies, his ruthless political hits, and his possible gambling will be in the news.

In short, this is not over and won't be over as long as he's on the Court. This guy is a walking time bomb.

This was a hollow victory for Republicans. They're going to lose big time in November — Total bullshit.

A Republican defeat is not going to happen. It must be made to happen. There's a lot arrayed against us, including a media that's clueless to the mortal danger they are enabling and a Democratic party that is brilliant only at wresting defeat from the jaws of victory.

That means we should be prepared to do whatever we can to defeat them — donate, volunteer, and in the future, possibly run for office.

Kavanaugh won't hold a grudge —ROTFLMAO!

Kavanaugh will recuse himself in cases involving the "left," Democrats, and the Clintons — ROTFLMAO!

Republicans will rest on their laurels — Never. You want to know why they're so angry even though they won? They smell blood in the water. They're in a frenzy.

We must respect the processNever, because when they say "respect the process," they really mean: "suck it up, you losers, get over it." It is unacceptable that two people who have been plausibly accused of sexual harassment and assault are serving on the Supreme Court. There is nothing to respect.

It's time to give up —Wrong. The Kavanaugh appointment is a supreme injustice. It has to be fought. Read Gessen again (also read her rules for survival in an autocracy ). It is not morally acceptable to quit. We have to try to get Kavanaugh out of there.

We may not succeed at impeachment, but that's hardly the point. The point is to shift the discourse so that talking about impeachment remains on the table. Working for impeachment can and will shift the Overton Window and that will have long term consequences. And who knows, we just make succeed.

Much stranger things have happened.