More aiding and abetting

More aiding and abetting

by digby

ABC reports:

One of President Donald Trump’s staunchest allies in Congress, Rep. Mark Meadows, a North Carolina Republican, is doubling down on a disputed theory that the FBI condoned leaks to the news media in a coordinated effort to take down the president.

On Monday, Meadows sent a letter to the Justice Department and posted it publicly online, saying newly-released text messages between former FBI agent Peter Strzok and then-FBI attorney Lisa Page raise “grave concerns regarding an apparent systemic culture of media leaking” within the senior ranks of the FBI and Justice Department.

Hours later, on Tuesday morning, Trump tweeted that the supposed revelation is “so terrible.”

But in a statement later Tuesday, Strzok’s attorney insisted the text messages reflect an effort to stop media leaks – not promote them – and a review of Justice Department actions at the time supports the attorney’s claims.

This is the Bizarroworld scandal of the day and it's one of the dumbest.

If you feel like digging more deeply into the details on this, Emptywheel laid it all out in a piece she called THE FROTHY RIGHT IS FURIOUS THAT PETER STRZOK PURSUED THE GUY LEAKING ABOUT CARTER PAGE.

That's right. Strzok was trying to stop leaks about Trump hero Carter Page. You know, the guy who has allegedly been unfairly targeted with a FISA warrant which they erroneously claim was filed on the basis of the nefarious Steele dossier.

They don't even try to make sense. After all, they don't need to. The people who believe this drivel, starting with the president of the United States, will believe anything.