Meanwhile, Trump spent the week-end golfing and tweeting

Meanwhile, Trump spent the week-end golfing and tweeting

by digby

During the 

Before the latest mass shooting horror, I wrote about Trump and the Puerto Rico horror for Salon:

Last Monday, as the catastrophe in Puerto Rico got worse and worse, this is what President Trump was doing:

President Trump last Monday reportedly called Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones four times imploring him not to let his team kneel during the national anthem.
It turns out that Trump thought he had hit on an excellent issue with the NFL protests and was more or less unaware that Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands were in crisis. The cable news networks hadn't focused on the damage yet and were instead obsessing over Trump's NFL comments, which he saw as a big win for him. According to The Washington Post, it was only when criticism of the federal response started to show up on TV that Trump even really knew there was a crisis.

As I noted several times last week, things kept getting worse and Trump got ever more manic. The Obamacare repeal-and-replace zombie was knocked out for the time being, although Trump inexplicably insisted that Republicans would have had the votes if not for a senator who was in the hospital. (This was completely false, raising the question once again as to whether Trump suffers from cognitive problems.)

On Friday, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price was forced to resign after it was reported that he'd spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on private plane travel for no good reason. (Actually, Trump had reportedly been unhappy with Price since the secretary was seen drinking at Bullfeathers bar on the night last spring when everyone was burning the midnight oil to get the House repeal bill passed. So the private-plane gaffe was just a convenient excuse to get rid of him.)

Throughout all of this, Trump came under withering criticism for his handling of the Puerto Rico crisis, insisting that he was "getting great reviews" from all the officials on the island and explaining more than once that the problem was very difficult because Puerto Rico is “an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water" so trucks couldn't drive there. As of Friday night, Trump was still saying that the job was impossible, but also that he was doing a fabulous job.

On Saturday morning he lost it. He obviously saw footage of the devastation and then heard the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, contradicting his assertions that everything was going swimmingly. He lashed out on Twitter, predictably enough, saying something that will forever be part of his already shameful legacy.

Even some conservatives were shocked by those insulting comments.

The president continued tweeting all day, complaining that "his people" weren't getting enough credit and rattling off statistics as if they proved something. At various points on Saturday he also brought up the NFL controversy again and even tweeted out a video of people standing for the anthem that turned out to be a year old.

Naturally Trump also began to suggest that the reports coming from the island were "fake news." That's become his stock answer for all criticism, although in this case it made even less sense than usual. Was he actually suggesting that the footage people were seeing on television was staged? This tweet may be the most ridiculous of that series: