Meanwhile in Bizarro World

Meanwhile in Bizarro World

by digby

This is what the Deplorables think is happening:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): This witch-hunt may actually be coming to an end sooner than we thought and there is one other reason that Mueller made this deal with Manafort today.

Now, to be very blunt, there is now in this country a cancer it is now growing on every single intelligence agency that we once respected in this country. We are now at a tipping point. As a result of all of the corruption, it's taken a long time that we have exposed on this show, including all week this week, at the highest levels, corruption in the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA and even corruption leading straight from Steele, Christopher Steele to Bruce Ohr, right into Robert Mueller's office.

Every single institution, main institutions of law enforcement in this country have been so tainted by corruption, so tainted by a desire to take down the president, if Mueller cares at all about the future integrity of these institutions, this all needs to come to an end.

Because these once great institutions tonight are hanging in the balance. And we have all the evidence to prove that they've been corrupt. A deep state, based on a deep hatred and deep bias.

This isn't actually new. Back in the 50s the wingnuts all believed the government was crawling with commies. I guess this strain is always there. But it is laughable when you think about all their caterwauling about law and order and patriotism.