Mauvais Appétit, Ted by tristero

Mauvais Appétit, Ted 

by tristero

In normal times, people should just get along. Cultural and political disagreements are no reason to harass anyone.

But these aren't normal times.

These are times when a president elected by a minority of Americans has chosen to appoint rapists, white supremacists, warmongers, and incompetent economists who are radically removed from the mainstream to permanent or semi-permanent government positions. These are times when the opinions of neo-Nazis and fascists are actively solicited to contribute to mainstream discourse.

Young people, if this is the first presidency you've paid attention to, trust me:  This is not the way it's supposed to be. These loons, who've been on the mad fringe of the Western World's politics since 1945, are now back in positions of power. We know how that turned out back in the mid 20th Century. The main difference today is that the American descendants of Europe's murderous fascists  now have access to weapons of destruction and political suppression that the Nazis and fascists could never imagine.

And so, the fact that Ted Cruz was heckled out of a nice quiet meal is more than justifiable. As long as Cruz is in office, I have no problems with anyone interrupting his mastications in order to protest his outrageous actions. They must be stopped.

There is nothing I'd like more than to have a Congress filled with genuinely diverse viewpoints.  Instead, our present Congress is stocked with neo-Nazis, fascists, racists, and apologists for the madmen of the extreme right. This isn't a mere difference of opinion, this is existential lunacy and most of the country knows it. We should never let them forget how unwanted they are.

PS. Once Cruz is safely out of my government, I will gladly defend his right to eat in peace anywhere he wants. But frankly, if I was dining next to him, I'd walk out. No reason to get indigestion.

Update: What Atrios sez.