Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

When you add up his wild, head-snapping Twitter mood swings -- from treacly "Everybody should just love everybody! Like Jesus!" reactions to every Republican atrocity, to bragging that he didn't vote for either Clinton or Trump because we gotta Disrupt!The!K'rupt!Duopoly!, to pretending that "Trump Supporters" were just a tiny, vocal fraction of the Republican party, to frantically jumping on the "Everybody, quick! Vote for the nearest Democrat!" bandwagon when the whole "Disrupt!The! K'rupt!Duopoly!" thing turned out to be as catastrophically stupid as certain Liberal bloggers warned it would be, to pretending that the Senate is still a functional institution and that Democrats should play nicey-nice while Republicans torch the place and dance around the fire -- at this point I honestly don't know if Mr. Dowd is in the middle of a complete mental collapse, or if his insulated Beltway political pocket-universe has been so shattered by brutal reality that on a day-to-day basis he no longer has any idea which political faction he needs to suck up to in order to stay employed, so he tries to appease them all.

What I do know is that, in the name of Finley Peter Dunne and Nick Machiavelli, there is no way on God's green and verdant earth any news outfit should be paying a clown like this for his political insights. 

Behold, a Tip Jar!