Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

Just in case you thought that the monstrous reign of Il Douche might cure ABC News' chief political analyst of his crippling addiction to Both Siderism, rest assured, no force on Heaven or Earth can knock that bottomless myopium* bong out of his hand.

Of course, ABC News isn't going to do a damn thing about it because Both Siderism remains the bread-and-honey of American corporate media, but for us nobodies out here in the Real World, at least the hilariously predictable pattern of Mr. Dowd's addiction can be entertaining.

First comes the cloying, Dowd-brand homily about how we mortals should do politics:

Then comes a rejoinder:

Then comes the preening, finger-wagging that people should "let it go" and, y'know, stop holding people like Matthew Dowd accountable for the things they said and did back when doing the right thing would have actually mattered:

Fortunately, the Twitter rapid reaction to Mr. Dowd's drivel get more rapid and reactive every day. Here are a couple of sample.

And, inevitably:

Without Both Siderism, Mr. Dowd would be nobody and would have nothing, which is why he values his addiction over his country.

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*Myopia as a drug