Manafort action all over the place

Manafort action all over the place

by digby

Manafort's plea deal fell apart because he apparently lied to the prosecutors after he made the deal. This is not a shock since he violated his bail agreement earlier and ended up in jail because of it. He's not good at following instructions. The question is why he kept lying and there is good reason to believe we will find out when Mueller files his report to the court upon sentencing (if it isn't sealed pending other indictments.)

There's also a bunch of new Manafort news out there, much of which is inviting skepticism among the people who follow the story closely so I'll reserve judgment. However, it's worth noting. The Guardian reported today that Manafort had multiple meetings with Julian Assange in the Ecuadoran embassy before and after he joined the Trump campaign, most importantly in March of 2016 when he had just joined the Trump campaign and the Russian hacking operation was being implemented. Who know if it's true. Stay tuned.

CNN is also reporting
that Mueller has been investigting a meeting between Manafort and the Ecuadoran government in 2017, whih had been reported before as a pitch for some business venture but perhaps indicates something else.

Josh Marshall notes that he met with the Ecuadoran governments on the same day that Trump fired Comey which may be coincidence but is intriguing nonetheless. He also noted that the Guardian story is datelines Quito Ecuador, indicating that the Guardian leak may becoming from there. It's speculative but interesting.

I would just remind everyone that Rick Gates, Paul Manafort's protege and right hand man for decades, including the Trump campaign and he remained with Trump after Manafort was exiled, including during the transition and was frequently in the White House after the inauguration has been cooperating with Mueller for months. He knows what Manafort knows.

This is quite the do-si-do:

If anyone is surprised that Manafort is a terrible liar, here's an illustration of how he does it: