Loser. Bigly.

Loser. Bigly.

by digby

I wrote earlier about his continuing insistence that he won
, except where he didn't as if it makes sense.

Here's the most amazing cold water being thrown on that nonsense I've seen yet:

Why so few stories about The Resistance? Because it's a bunch of liberal and moderate men and women and people of color. They aren't Real Americans like all those Trump voters who say things like "the NFL stands for Ni**ers For Life. You know, the salt of the earth folks who really matter.

The truth is that the media has done a good job exposing Trump. I'm not criticizing them. But they have failed to tell the stories of people who are appalled by him. And it is a majority! Trump is not popular!

I'm sure it's mostly because of the years of conditioning to believe that "the heartland" which is mostly white rural Americans are a reflection of the majority. This is no longer true. And it wasn't fair to the people who were working their fingers to the bone to elect Democrats in the last cycle. Sadly, I doubt it will be any different this time. This goes back to the 60s when the Republicans discovered that they could hector the press into focusing on conservatives in order to prove they aren't biased. It was always a suckers game but never more than now.