Lie of the year?

Lie of the year?

by digby

Trump has repeatedly said he cancelled the military exercises because they are too expensive.

A joint military exercise between the United States and South Korea scrapped after President Donald Trump griped about “tremendously expensive” military drills would have cost around $14 million, U.S. officials told Reuters on Friday.

We knew he was lying, of course. He's the guy who wants to write a blank check for the military and is prepared to spend millions on a stupid parade. He was instructed to do it by Vladimir Putin whom he apparently sees as his top national security adviser.

Still, that number is surprising. Especially considering this:

The $14 million price tag compares with a recent contract awarded to Boeing Co (BA.N) for nearly $24 million for two refrigerators to store food aboard Air Force One, the presidential plane. The contract has since been canceled due to possible delivery of an updated Air Force One aircraft.

The U.S. military has a budget of nearly $700 billion this year.

And this:

Trump has been to Mar-a-Lago 17 times, for a grand total of $17 million in flight and protection costs.