L’etat c’est moi o’ the day

L'etat c'est moi o' the day

by digby

Yes, there is a tweet for everything. And video:

That threat to go after Clinton was real and on Fox news they still pimp it hard every day. Nunes, Hannity and the boys are working hard to get a parallel investigation into The Emails and everything else. Trump still says daily that it's Crooked Hillary and the Democrats who should be investigated. This was just last November:

The Justice Department's Nov. 13 letter to GOP lawmakers said Sessions had "directed senior federal prosecutors to evaluate certain issues" the committee raised, which includes Clinton's role in approving the sale of Uranium One, and alleged illegal Clinton foundation dealings. (See our explainer on Uranium One here.)

The letter states that prosecutors, who will report directly to Sessions and his deputy, have been told to "make recommendations as to whether any of the matters not currently under investigation should be opened, whether any matters currently under investigation require further resources, or whether any matters merit the appointment of a Special Counsel."

Now Trump believes that since the president is a monarch who is not subject to the rule of law but rather IS the law, he can order investigations into anyone he chooses and has the absolute power to pardon himself:

I'm sure all the jaded cynics who call me a old Resistance hysteric will dismiss this as just more Trumpian balderdash. But it isn't business as usual. If it were just him ranting on that would be one thing. But he has a state TV network, a congressional majority and 40% of the voters backing him along with certain foreign actors who understand that he's a cretinous dotard.

His "unfettered" powers are dependent upon that support and, so far, that seems to be holding strong.