Lemon Squeezy?

Lemon Squeezy?

by digby

What in the hell was this all about?

Trenton Garmon, an attorney for Roy Moore‘s family, nicknamed CNN’s Don Lemon twice in a testy interview about the allegations against Moore.

Garmon defended Moore and said he believes the judge, but he started out by lightheartedly nicknaming the CNN host “Don easy peasy Lemon squeezy.”

And as Lemon continued to press him on why the women would make these allegations up, Garmon again called him “Don Lemon squeezy keep it easy.”

Lemon cut in and told him, “It’s just Don Lemon.”

At one point Garmon claimed there are “people that say they were offered money… by The Washington Post” to make false allegations for thousands of dollars. (There was a Twitter hoax going around today making that claim.)

They kept going back and forth over the allegations against Moore and Garmon said that both the Foundation and Moore’s wife have been “slandered by the Washington Post.”

Multiple times during the interview Garmon accused Lemon and CNN over misleading him of what he was going to be talking about during the interview.

And then, once again, Garmon said he hoped Lemon wasn’t offended by the “lemon squeezy” nickname because he was just joking.

These people are so damned weird.