Learn Web Design The Right Way: Quit College And Start Sucking Blood [+VIDEO]

Enough is enough, guys!

Let me set this straight once and for all.

So you have decided to become a web designer, right?
That is just AMAZING!

But did someone recommend you to go to college to do that?
That is just HORRIBLE!

Whoever said it deserves a slap on the wrist!

Because college is where you get taught stuff, right?

So, this is where it all gets horribly wrong.

And now let me explain to you why…

+VIDEO At The End

Sucking Blood Today,
Makes You a Web Designer Tomorrow

Luke Addison

Listen my friend, just in case you have not realized yet.
Web design is something much more than just writing a piece of code.

It is a very creative process.
It is so creative process, that right now you must listen.

Just listen… listen…

Can You hear it?

What does it sound like? Scary? Is it loud?

Can You even guess what it is…?

It is the inner You.
It is the real You.

The one, who is always thirsty.
Thirsty for curiosity, Thirsty to be naive and Thirsty to be foolish again.

I do not mean just thirsty.
But really, really thirsty, as thirsty as vampires are for blood.

And now guess what…

Schools kill this thirst for creativity and thirst for curiosity.
And most certainly will not let you stay naive and foolish either.

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But do not give up just yet.
Because we vampires are stronger than that.

How College Can Make You The Worst Web Designer

Now, please do not get me wrong here.
College is not evil, at all.

It is just a wrong choice for some people.
I personally study psychology.

And it is certainly a recommended choice for lawyers, doctors and dentists.

But, Thank You God – I did not learn web design in college.

College is a type of factory.
Have you never thought about this?

College manufactures everyone using the same standards.
Using the same learning techniques.
And using the same rating systems for everyone.

But How Dare They?
You are a unique human being, there is no one else like you.
You surely like to learn things different way than your friends.

And This Is Where It All Gets Wrong:
In schools You get taught stuff – but You do not need to be taught.
You want to learn and be curious, without being taught.

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I – I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost (The Road Not Taken)

If you learn web design yourself, using your own way to learn, guess what?

You will become more unique and more original than all the other guys who have been taught using the same methods.

This Is What You Get By Choosing To Go To College

This is what you would have to put up with in College.
I personally choose to learn web design the way Vampires do.

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  1. In college it is not always easy to find specific Web Design program, so you end up wasting your time on subjects you do not need.
  2. Going to college will make it so much harder for you to work on some side projects to gain that so essential experience and earn some extra income.
  3. Web Design technologies develop so fast, that very often colleges cannot manage to catch up, so you are being taught outdated programs.
  4. You will not be allowed to learn exactly what You want to learn or in many cases even need to learn.
  5. Because you will not learn a lot of the practical side of web design, you will not be able to learn from your own mistakes.
  6. Instead of working as a great team and brainstorming ideas together with real web designer mentors, You will be given a tutor. And most of them are not even web designers themselves.
  7. You end up paying for being taught web design, rather than getting paid to learn web design in real life situations from real gigs. Horrible.

“I can tell you I don’t care which school you came from. I just want seriously smart, passionate and determined hackers on my team.” -Peter Chang

The Story of a Self-Taught Web Designer

This video should make you think about your decision. It is just amazing how a great self-taught Sr. Interactive Designer at a leading financial services provider Wren Lanier started her career.

We Vamps Always Stay Curious

Image by Purple Slog

Everyone who has learned web design using my blood sucking method knows that it is important to stay curious and patient.

Just remember my words now.
If You stay curious and patient you can definitely become self-taught.
And to back me up I can tell you, that these wise words come from my own experience.

But come on, how nice would it be if I had something more to back it up?

Here are self-taught designer Tobias van Schneider’s words:

“Everything starts with curiosity and YOUR first step.
Just listen to your instincts.“ – Tobias van Schneider’s

You can follow Tobias on Twitter, Dribble or Like him on Facebook.

Tobias was born in Germany, but now resides in Austria.
He also writes about Being Self Taught.

We Vamps Stay Hungry and Foolish

Image by El Payo

Hey, I have heard this somewhere before!
Is that what you thought to yourself when you read it?

Probably you did, indeed, and you know why?
Because this is one of the most famous Steve Job’s quotes.

He also said something very interesting:

“I dropped out of Reed College after the first 6 months, but then stayed around as a drop-in for another 18 months or so before I really quit.” – Steve Jobs

Here is Steve’s speech for Stanford students in 2005

We Vamps Like To Be Naive Again

Image by Pawel Loj

I still remember those days in school, when I was called naive.
The problem was – they meant it in a bad way.

They clearly should find out more about the way we vampires learn stuff.

Being naive again.
Yes, again, as naive as when we were little kids.

Being naive is not being stupid.
It means being able to see a bigger picture.

In college no one will let you be naive again.
But when You learn web design yourself, you give yourself a permission.

Yes, a permission to be naive again.

“Every true genius is bound to be naive. “ -Friedrich Schiller

8 Young Designers, Naive Enough To Make It

These young designers did not think they would need to finish college to make it happen in design industry.
They stayed curious, foolish and naive enough to believe they can do it.

1. Shyama Golden

As a child Shyama learned how to write code, because she figured one day this internet thing would help her share her art with nice people all over the world.

And Today Shyama Already Works With:
NASA, LA Magazine, Computer Arts Magazine, MetaLab, Supreme Cort Of Texas.

2. Lewis King

At just 17 years of age Lewis got an incredible opportunity to move to Bath, joining a leading eCommerce agency Blubolt full time.

And Today Lewis Already Works With:
The Velvet Chair Company, bluCommerce, Tomorrow’s Web Meetup, Blubolt.

3. Gedy Rivera

Gedy is a self-taught web designer and front-end developer. When she was just a kid, she remembers always wanting to play with electronics instead of Barbies.

And Today Gedy Already Works With:
Oasis House Ministries, Owyane Wade’s Fantasty Basketball Camp, Ivan y AB Music.

4. Ben Bate

Ben is a self-taught freelance designer from Plymouth in England. He is very passionate about web design and user interface.

And Today Ben Already Works With:
PixelBits Apps Ltd, MVP Tracker, Pixel Clouds.

5. Vanessa Gonzales

Vanessa is actually a pastry chef. She graduated with a degree in Baking & Pastry, but then decided to start web design. (great decision)

And Today Vanessa Already Works With:
Chef E Man, Karie Denny Photography, Roofresh.

6. Callum Chapman

Callum is half British and half Aussie. He has already been working with companies like Envato, Crowdsource and Geek Store.

And Today Callum Already Works With:
GPS Plus, Banana Split, Food Pocket, LivelyFeed, Exploros, Podcast Manager.

7. Amy Mahon

Amy taught herself HTML at the age of 12 (wow) and she has naturally progressed from there.

And Today Amy Already Works With:
Shoon, Joseph Turner, Whittard, Oliver Bonas, Alphabet Bags.

8. Ivo Mynttinen

Ivo has never received any formal design training, but he already has been doing design work since he was 15, when he first got his fingers on Macromedia Fireworks 8.

And Today Ivo Already Works With:
AppLovin, Kazoo Analytics, The NodeCMS, Socialbit, 

How Inspiring Was This? And You Can Do It Too!

“Like many designers, I feel that my talent has developed from hours of hard work, experimentation and simply from being observant of techniques and styles of others.” – Ronnie Francisco

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