Kevin McCarthy, stable genius

Kevin McCarthy, stable genius

by digby

Via Crooks and Liars:

The GOP Leader, and would-be Speaker-in-waiting, joined the other Trump cultists in accusing Twitter of censoring them.

It was pointed out pretty much immediately that he was being a dumbass had his settings wrong on twitter so that he couldn't see sensitive tweets which might contain hateful or racist language. Since he was trying to see something by Fox News personality and hatemonger Laura Ingraham that would make sense. Anyway, he got pissy about "censorship" of conservative voices, and started huffing and puffing about holding hearings on Twitter.

Two days after the fact, GOP Leader and his staff have yet to acknowledge their error, or even delete the tweet. Typical, right?

So, the heir to Paul Ryan has his twitter settings set to block hateful or racist language and it blocked something Laura Ingraham wrote. It's possible that he thinks nothing Laura Ingraham or  writes could possibly be considered hateful or racist so the setting is somehow "rigged" to see conservative comments that way. But that would be even dumber.

Keep in mind, this is the guy we're talking about:

No wonder Trump calls him "my Kevin."