Ivanka’s Law is toxic

Ivanka's Law is toxic

by digby

But get this:

Republicans really can't afford to give up on the tax bill, after suffering an embarrassing defeat on their health care effort. But when something is as central to their agenda as the tax rewrite, they're going to have serious headaches if they can't win more support with the public.

Uhm, maybe these serious headaches might be worse than being "embarrassed?" Like the fact that they are going to cause millions of people to pay more in taxes, critically degrade higher education and health care so that Ivanka gets a tax break? Those kind of "headaches?"

We know that their donors are demanding that they deliver and that's why they're doing this. So, let's not pretend it's anything other than that. Many of them realize that Donald Trump has destroyed their party and this is their last chance to pay back their rich benefactors and perhaps secure a future for themselves outside of politics.

This is a political crisis. But you knew that.