It’s a Feature, Not a Bug by tristero

It's a Feature, Not a Bug 

by tristero

The Trump administration never had a plan to re-unite children ripped from their mothers. And the media has gone out of its way to publicize that lack of a plan and to blame it on Trump's incompetence. The emphasis on incompetence obscures the fact that this lack of planning was intentional. Its purpose was to send a message to anyone seeking to migrate to the US that you will endanger not only your own lives but literally lose your children. They also intended the media to repeat this message over and over again. It is the tactic of the most cynical of terrorists.

Another way to say this is that the thugs who make up the Trump administration are not merely logistically incompetent. They are morally incompetent as well. They have not a shred of human decency.

As painful as this is to watch, the "success" of this tactic makes it all but inevitable that Trump and his fascist goons will try it again, only with even worse consequences.

We should never forget this: This is not about their will to power or about our moral outrage at the destruction of America. This is about children who are being abused and tortured. This is about them, innocent children who will suffer horribly. That is why it must be resisted or stopped.