It (Literally) Doesn’t Pay to Be Too Far Ahead of the Curve

Paul Krugman, today:
A Party Defined by Its Lies
At this point, good people can’t be good Republicans.
Me, 12 years ago:
[In] Age of Dubya ... one can either be a Good American or a Good Republican, but one can no longer be both.
So what was the clear, bright line that kept us dirty hippies and our loud, rude opinions -- we who were right about the Right all along -- out of the public square and in a state of unemployable pariahhood all this time?

Mainstream media editorial policy.

From Paul Krugman again:
During my first year as an Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times, I wasn’t allowed to use the word “lie.”

That first year coincided with the 2000 election, and George W. Bush was, in fact, being systematically dishonest about his economic proposals — saying false things about who would benefit from his tax cut and the implications of Social Security privatization. But the notion that a major party’s presidential candidate would go beyond spin to outright lies still seemed outrageous, and saying it was considered beyond the pale.

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