Is he an asset?

Is he an asset?

by digby

That's funny but I think it's becoming a serious question. We know he's "an asset" to Russia because he's clearly trying to blow up the western military and economic alliances. He's made it clear that the only people for whom he has any respect are US adversaries. The rest of the world are either shit-hole countries or "taking advantage" of America and they need to pay some bills he's decided they owe us.

It's been a year and a half and he's not adjusting his behavior. Instead seems to be pushing for a new alliance with these autocrats and dictators with whom he feels personally comfortable. And since he's a cretinous moron, it's still very unclear as to why. It could be anything from him being a straight-up foreign agent to him just saying "I will do the opposite of Obama" as a guiding principle because he's in so far over his head that it's the only thing he can do.

Anyway, for a run-down of the facts as we know them so far with respect to Russia, I recommend this series by Emptywheel from a couple of months ago. It's dense but if you're interested in the details it's a must read:

Part One: The Mueller Questions Map Out Cultivation, a Quid Pro Quo, and a Cover-Up

Part Two: The Quid Pro Quo: a Putin Meeting and Election Assistance, in Exchange for Sanctions Relief

Part Three: The Quo: Policy and Real Estate Payoffs to Russia

Part Four: The Quest: Trump Learns of the Investigation

Part Five: Attempting a Cover-Up by Firing Comey

Part Six: Trump Exacerbates His Woes