Independents Are a Wreath of Pretty Flowers Which Smell Bad

Solve this political riddle win Big!Prizes!

Here are excerpts from the email from Senator Bernie Sanders that landed in my email in-box this very day to which I have added a little emphasis here and there:
Revitalizing the Democratic Party

Too much is at stake for our country and our people for us not to learn from our past failures and move forward in a way that makes the Democratic Party stronger so we can take on and beat Trump and the right-wing Republican agenda.

What the recently released book excerpt from former interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile made clear is that unless we get our act together, we are not going to be effective in either taking on Donald Trump or in stopping the extremist right-wing Republican agenda. We have to re-establish faith with the American people that in fact we can make positive changes in this country through a fair and transparent political process that reflects the will of voters across this country.

In order to do that, we need to rethink and rebuild the Democratic Party. We need a Democratic Party that opens its doors to new people, new energy and new ideas. We need a Democratic Party that is truly a grassroots party, where decisions are made from the bottom up, not from the top down. We need a Democratic Party which becomes the political home of the working people and young people of this country, black and white, Latino and Asian and Native American ... all Americans.

But we must also make it clear – if we are going to elect Democrats who will move us forward as a country – that we must institute long-needed reforms in the Democratic Party. When we do that, we will not only create a dynamic and progressive party, we will be able to transform our nation and create a government that represents all of us, not just the people on top...
Sounds great!  This will not persuade me to sign any meaningless mailing-list aggregator online petitions, but sure, lets do these things.  I agree with for Democrats to reform the Democratic Party.

And here is where I get all confused.

From Newsweek, October 23, 2017:

Bernie Sanders has announced he will be running as an independent in 2018, prompting speculation over whether he will run as a Democrat presidential candidate in 2020. But the Vermont senator, who faced pressure to join the Democrats following his bid for the party’s 2016 nomination, said he had always been an independent and was not planning on making any changes in 2018.

“I am an independent and I have always run in Vermont as an independent while I caucus with the Democrats in the United States Senate. That’s what I’ve been doing for a long time, and that’s what I’ll continue to do,” Sanders said in a Sunday-night interview with Fox News.
I understand that Senator Sanders is well within his rights to break the promise he made during the 2016 presidential election about running as a Democrat from now on.  After all, that promise is no longer convenient, and he didn't swear to it under oath or anything -- he merely asked us to trust him.

That his word was his bond.  

However now that he has made is affirmatively clear that he is not a Democrat and will not be joining the Democratic Party, who exactly is this "we" he keeps referring to that needs to  "rethink and rebuild the Democratic Party."?

So what Big!Prizes! did you win for solving this political puzzle?

Well, none, actually.

You see it is no longer convenient for me to to keep the promise I made to you at the beginning of this post.

After all, I didn't swear to it under oath or anything...

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