I’ll smash my coffee maker. That’ll show ‘em

I'll smash my coffee maker. That'll show 'em

by digby

Kuerig coffee and some others decided not to advertise on Sean Hannity’s show after he stood up for Roy Moore. That made Sean's fans very angry. So they decided they would destroy their own coffee makers.

Gizmodo reports:

This predictably escalated even further and now Twitter is filled with amazing videos of right-wingers smashing their costly home coffee machines. The intent is apparently to intimidate Keurig into once again sponsoring Hannity’s show, lest he fall victim to the same fate that awaited accused abuser Bill O’Reilly.

Other people who shot the videos appear to be under the impression that destroying the Keurigs will make liberals angry, instead of belly-laughing at the view of conservatives destroying their own coffee machines in a fit of impotent rage.