“If you criticize me, you are inciting violence”

"If you criticize me, you are inciting violence"

by digby

Trump didn't say exactly that. But it was close. And it is implicit in the veiled threats coming from the right about the left being "uncivil."

They will define it any way they choose. In this case, Trump is defining "incivility" as asking a question about a poll.

We've seen his fans take the next step just last week. He is continuing to incite them. I think he might truly think at this point hat the press will come to heel if they get a little bit of a beating ... if you know what I mean. We know he will blame them for provoking it if it gets (more) violent and someone gets hurt. After all, he blamed the synagogue where one of his fellow travelers killed 11 people last Saturday for failing to "protect themselves" with armed guards. I could easily see him blaming the press for being so "negative" that it just drove some man crazy.

Maybe if they don't ask the president all these unpleasant questions the media can protect themselves too, amirite?