If Trump had known about this he definitely would have backed Roy Moore in the primary

If Trump had known about this he definitely would have backed Roy Moore in the primary

by digby

CNN reports:

The Facebook page belonging to Roy Moore, the Republican nominee for US Senate in Alabama, in February included a shared image of a group of black men standing on a destroyed police car during the 2015 Baltimore riots.

Overlaying the image was text that read, "Want to stop riots? Play the National Anthem. They'll all sit down."

The post -- originally shared by Moore's wife with the caption "I doubt it with these people-but worth a try?" -- is one of many inflammatory posts shared on the Republican nominee's Facebook, which is now used to promote his Senate campaign. Moore is facing Democrat Doug Jones in a special election set for December 12.

The page has been active since Moore's failed run for governor of Alabama in 2010 and was used for his exploratory committee for president and campaign for Alabama chief justice. From 2014 until his current Senate race, the page was used to promote Moore's speaking and media appearances.

In September of 2016, Moore's page shared another post aimed at NFL players who kneeled during the National Anthem to protest police brutality against the black community. The post featured an image of military coffins draped in the American flag. Underneath the image read, "would the suppressed millionaire, NFL quarterback who would not stand for the National Anthem please point out which out these guys are black so we can remove the offensive flag."

Here are some of the other lovely things he shared. There;s not much there that Trump would disagree with.

He's going to make such a fine addition to the US Senate.

On the other hand, maybe not. Look what just happened in Birmingham Alabama:

Birmingham will soon have a new mayor after the often acrimonious race between incumbent Birmingham Mayor William Bell and his opponent Randall Woodfin ended with a resounding win for the former school board president now set to become the Magic City's youngest mayor in more than a century.

Woodfin, a relative political newcomer, led a field of 12 candidates in the Aug. 22 municipal election forcing a runoff with Bell. Bell, 68, has been involved in Birmingham politics for 40 years. He has served as mayor since 2010.

At 36, Woodfin will be the youngest Birmingham mayor since David Fox took office in 1893. He is expected to take office on Nov. 28.

He's a young progressive who nobody thought had a chance. So maybe there's hope ...