If it’s negative it must be fake

If it's negative it must be fake

by digby

Because everything is going perfectly.

Another revelatory gaffe from the president:

He was spending his morning watching “Fox and Friends,” as he is wont to do, and up flashed a report from the Media Research Center stating that 91 percent of network news coverage of Trump from January through April was negative. The Media Research Center, we’ll note, is part of the conglomerate of conservative enterprises funded by Robert Mercer and his family, the folks that also funded Cambridge Analytica, Breitbart and former White House adviser Stephen K. Bannon.

But they know their audience, and their audience was watching.

The important thing in that tweet is not the threat about the credentials, though rescinding White House credentials would certainly be a nuisance. The important part is that he makes explicit his view of what constitutes fake news.

It’s negative news. Negative. (Fake.)

He revoked credentials during the campaign so people shouldn't be too sure that he won't do it again.

I think he really believes he is the best president the world has ever seen and everyone loves him. His only problem is that the media is critical of him. This delusion is how he gets through the day.