“I want to apologize to the nation for my vote for him.”

“I want to apologize to the nation for my vote for him."

by digby

CNN checked in with the Real Americans again. And this time there were a couple of dissenters. Via Daily Kos:

Camerota asked the panelists if they were just as excited today about their vote for Trump as they were on Election Day, three raised their hands (one said he might be even more enthused). But when asked who regretted their votes, two raised their hands. (When pressed, the final panelist, who hadn’t raised her hand, had very pointed things to say about his temperament.)

But one panelist in particular — a white male — was emphatic:

PANELIST: “In my mind, and the way I look at him now, I think he’s a monster, I think he’s a bigot. I think that he’s doing a lot of things to ruin people’s lives. … I think that he’s taking this country in the wrong direction, and it’s a terrifying time.”

CAMEROTA: “Was there a moment that turned you?”

PANELIST: “It was when I heard about what was going on on the southern border.”

CAMEROTA: “What part did you object to?”

PANELIST: “Well, the family separation, and the children in cages.”

Later, the same panelist called his vote for Trump “the biggest mistake I ever made.”

PANELIST: “I want to apologize to the nation for my vote for him. It was the wrong thing to do; it was the biggest mistake I ever made. Like I said, he is a racist.”

CAMEROTA: “Why do you believe he’s racist?”

PANELIST: “Why do I believe he’s racist? Look what happened in Puerto Rico. He said, ‘Oh, they want to just cry and, you know ...’ They needed help. Just because they’re not white-skinned, he doesn’t want to go down there and help them out?”

Here’s the entire segment. It gets pretty heated.

I wonder if there are 77,000 people like him around the country? After all that's all it took, across three states, to give Trump his pathetic electoral college victory. Plus Comey and Russians and misogyny. If so, Trump's strategy of playing to the base won't work.