I want the DeTrumpication of the Country @spockosbrain

I want a DeTrumpication of the Country

By Spocko

When I read about Presidential pardons being handed out to "clean things up" I feel my Angry Left human side rise up. I really want to see some serious prosecution of the jerks who are driving the fascist state. I want them to get caught, disgraced, lose their money and go to jail.

I want the people who supported them to not get away with the, "I barely even knew them!" crap.

I want these jerks to get caught for crimes they committed, flip on the crimes that others committed, and then NOT get off easily for their own crimes.

I don't want them to get a fine and get rehabilitated on Fox News.

When the Democrats get back in power, I don't want them to "move on" or "look forward, not backward." I want them to hold investigations and trials. I want them to repeal laws that made corrupt things legal.

 I want the  DeTrumpication of the country

I'm tired of Republican politicians not getting their feet held to the fire for their support of fascist policies. I want them to OWN Trump hard now, so that when he goes down, they go down with him.

I want the media to keep asking why the degradation of Constitutional values is acceptable to Republicans.

I want the Democrats to have a thirst for punishment, instead of a timid attitude of, "Well, the Republicans are just like me, I better not piss them off, because then they'll come after me when they are in power."

To return to norms of humanity, decency and American constitutional values we need punishment of the breaking of those values. Otherwise they become the norms.