I See Jonathan Chait is a Fan

I was reading Mr. Chait's column today on the subject of Mr. David Brooks of The New York Times to see if any of it required my attention (it does, but nothing I haven't already written about 1,000 times) when this paragraph caught my eye:
One might entertain the conclusion that no combination of facts and logic can dislodge the Republican base from its tribal loyalties.
Mostly because it includes a very specific locution that exists nowhere else on Teh Internet:

Except, of course, if you know where to look:

What can I say?  A writer recognizes their own darlings grin  Like, say, "dumper fire" -- the origin of which still remains a complete mystery to the good people at Merriam-Webster, despite it being very well-documented out here in Liberal Coventry and despite me having written them several times to stake my claim.

Ah well.

Moving on...

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