How to Earn Money Online While Learning Web Design

Are you a Web Designer or a person who is willing to learn Web Design?

I would like to know why you want to learn Web Design?

Some people like to create great designs and become popular while others will choose it as their career and method of income.

What is yours?

Now I am going to tell you something that will make you popular, make you earn money online, and learn web design at the same time.  A 3-in-1 method. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

You must be expecting me to talk about some web design techniques in this article. But I’ll be talking about something completely different which is not a common technique of learning web design.

Do you have any clue about it?

Writing is the 3-in-1 method that I was talking about. I can guarantee that most readers will lose interest just after I said writing. Few unique personalities will take the challenge and turn this opportunity into a career in web design that anyone can dream of.

10 Quality Words Equals 1 Dollar

Keep reading and by the end of this article you will have all it needs to learn web design and earn online at the same time.

Why Are People so Afraid of Writing

Most people will consider writing as a very boring job. Others might be afraid about the language barrier since not much non-native English speaking designers are fluent in English.

If you choose the right path, you will quickly figure out that it’s one of the more exciting jobs being a writer about web design. If language is your problem, keep reading popular web sites and you will definitely improve your English.

Do You Need Web Design Knowledge to Write?

I would say yes and no.

On one hand you should have basic knowledge of at least HTML and CSS to write something, and on the other hand you can start by writing the problems you face as a startup designer in learning.

Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.
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So get things moving by writing on the problems you faced in learning web design. Readers will provide similar experiences and experts will guide you to get started on web design.

Choose a topic which interests you most and read as many articles, tutorials, books on the topic as you can. Figure out the missing aspects of the topic in those tutorials and create an article discussing and explaining those aspects.

When you take stuff from one writer it’s plagiarism; but when you take it from many writers, it’s research.
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So Am I asking you to copy other peoples content?

Definitely No. Don’t steal.

Instead, do proper research, pick up the least explained areas, mix it with something new and practical to create a unique tutorial.

The secret of good writing is to say an old thing in a new way or to say a new thing in an old way
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Now you know how to get started on writing. Next I’ll explain how to learn web design, then I will show you how to mix the two.

How to Learn Web Design and Keep Improving

There are thousands of free tutorials to learn web design online. Read and understand the concepts by following the practical examples.

Do You Have the Skill to Learn Quickly?

Most people underestimate themselves. You always have more capabilities than you think you have. Practice helps improve your skills in anything. So put the things you learn into practice by creating various types of designs.

Writing Makes You a Better Learner and Designer

You might be wondering how writing relates to improving your web design skills. It certainly improves your skills at great pace.

Most of you will read a book, article, watch a video or take classes and follow instructions as the method of learning.

Hence we only get to know what the person who teach knows or what we require to complete our project. We never learn the whole concept.

In writing, we can’t just focus on a specific portion of a design topic. We should have a clear understanding and confidence about the topic we are writing. Otherwise we won’t be able to answer the queries by the readers. Hence, we tend to do lots of research before writing on any topic.

So More Research = More Experience = More Knowledge

I can guarantee the results of writing as a web designer since I didn’t have much of a design knowledge when I started. Now I have sound knowledge in the latest web design trends and I’m confident about creating designs using latest technologies and writing about them.

Writing About Web Design can Change Your Life

Now knowing the importance of learning web design and writing, you can combine both to become a successful designer.

People who have very good skills in both web design and writing are very hard to find. Hence others in similar positions will see you as the experts of their profession standing out from the rest.

If you have web development skills to go with both design and writing, it becomes unique and highly noted in your profession.

How to Find Web Design Topics to Write

You can find it everywhere online. Read as many articles as you can and the topics will keep coming to your head. Here are some of the methods I use for finding article ideas.

  • Twitter
    1stWebDesigner Twitter ProfileSearch for people who share links to quality and unique articles and follow them. All web design blogs have good Twitter profiles. You can follow 1stWebdesigner on Twitter as well, which is one of the most active profiles I follow.
  • StackoverflowStackoverflow Latest QuestionsFind the latest questions in any specific area to create new articles.
  • Google TrendsGoogle Trends Keyword ResearchSelect a specific keyword related to web design topic and find the trending keywords for that topic. Create articles based on trending keywords to improve your SEO.

Can You Earn Money Online? How Much?

It depends on the effort and time spent on writing and creating designs. There is no fixed income in writing. It can be considered as both advantage and disadvantage. On one hand your earnings increases as your writing improves. On the other hand, you cannot always write same number of articles every month since you have to depend upon approvals of editors and scheduling of articles.

Earlier I used “10 Quality Words Equals 1 Dollar”. What does it mean?

In tutorial writing on web design, normally there is no pay per word method. It depends on quality, time, and importance of the topic.

Copywriting Infographic - How Much Should an Online Article Cost?

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Considering the experience I have, we can earn 1 USD per 10 words on average. A 1,500 word article gives you 150 USD. Given that your learning curve for new topics is very short, it is possible to write 6-7 tutorials per month while just working part time.

1,000 USD Per Month While Learning

Ok now this figure might not impress everyone. Just remember this is the start. Once you make a name online by improving your reputation, the income increases leaps and bounds. Take a look at this opportunity provided by one of the biggest network of sites.

Writing on Web Design

Once you have chosen a topic and completed your research you will be tempted to write about the theories you just learned. Never write something that you haven’t practiced.

Instead, think about a practical application of the theory and write about it. You don’t need to know everything about the topic to write such article. Let’s assume you just learned about CSS animations. Create a cool CSS animation and write a tutorial on how to create such animations.

Once you practice the concept and get enough experience, move on to writing theoretical aspects of CSS animations.

Additional Benefits of Writing on Web Design

In the beginning you get to learn web design and earn very good income. Is that All?

This is just the start.

There are much more amazing things coming your way. I have heard of many additional benefits of writing. But I’ll share what I have personally experienced in my writing career.

  • Freelancing Opportunities. Writing helps you increase your reputation as a web designer. Millions of people will be reading your articles. So there is every chance you might get freelancing design projects if you can create awesome design tutorials.
  • Writing Opportunities. When you write for popular blogs, everyone will consider you as an expert of the field. So there will be lot of potential clients who are willing to pay you to write for their websites or company blogs. Never think about the amount paid for an article. You will get higher rates with experience.

    An advantage of this kind of writing is that you can decide the payment rate instead of writing on a fixed rate.
  • Marketing Yourself for Free. It’s difficult for new blogs to get high traffic. Even if you have great content and great products, no one will probably notice. But if you write on popular blogs, people will find you and visit your website through your author profile. So, you can market your site for free and sell your own products since you have a good reputation. Selling themes is the most productive method as a designer.
  • Writing Books. E-books are very popular and you can make lots of money out of them. Once you have enough experience, you can write e-books on design-related concepts. Also, book publishers will contact you to write even printed books if you have good reputation and writing skills.

These are some of the benefits I have got writing online. there are plenty of other opportunities you can create as a Web Designer + Writer.

You have reached this far, spending your valuable time reading this article and willing to start as a writer on web design. When you started, you didn’t have any clue about what you will get at the end.

You will definitely have lots of questions. So feel free to clear your concerns by asking me using the comments section.

Best of luck for the next generation of awesome writers on web design.