Hot Takes From @MSNBC’s Newest Valued Employee

America's most infamous cyborg sent from the future to destroy America speaks!

I am blessed to have no idea what the live experience of our media shitshow-in-a-cyclotron feels like from inside the Beltway.

But from where I sit -- smack in the middle of Middle America -- it is positively hilarious.

Of course it is also ridiculous and dangerous and reckless and morally bankrupt. Yep. I get that. But to quote Nick Fury (and why wouldn't I?) one of the most important lessons we Liberals need to take away from the collective, escalating failure of our Fourth Estate over the last 20 years is...
We learned that only are we not alone, but we are hopelessly, hilariously outgunned.
American corporate media -- including the formerly "Liberal" MSNBC -- obviously does not give one, tiny, sour poop what people like us think about anything, which leaves us strangely liberated.

Free to stand far outside their circles of influence and corridors of power and simply point, as a child might, at the completely nutso, inside-out, pathological dishonesty of these people right here...

...on a network that has quietly sacked almost all of its honest Liberals and now proudly employs some of the worst Republican political hacks and liars on teevee...

...which has suddenly gone into the business of righteously denouncing that other network for trafficking in "politics porn" by putting known Republican political hacks and liars on teevee.

At this point it would be ungentlemanly of me to point out that Mrs. Mika Squint (nee Meatpuppet) literally just married one of the most profligate Republican political pornographers in the business --

-- so I will heroically refrain from doing so.