Home Solar Project: It’s all over but the blogging. And the Inspections.

Today was the day of the Big Lift: the installation of the solar panels to our roof. There will be more details forthcoming, but right now I'm too exhausted to say much of anything except that it went really smoothly because of George's exquisite planning and the participation of two Neighbors of Unusual Awesomeness, Scott and Jorge. 

The weather was finally cooperative and the electrical connections that had been on the roof during the recent storm had plenty of time to fully dry out before being snapped together within the weather-proof connectors that would have hermetically preserved any residual moisture within our power plant forever. So that was a break.

Our jury-rig ladder hoist worked like a charm. I had earlier remarked that it would either save my back or make me a Darwin Award recipient. Well, I'm still here, and the panels are on the roof.

By the time we were finished, there was no sun to speak of left, so doing functional testing of the system will have to wait 'til another day.  Today, though, much got done.