He wasn’t joking

He wasn't joking

by digby

Nobody puts Trumpie in the corner:

President Trump on Monday joked that new national security adviser John Bolton could lose his job if he receives “all the credit” for last week’s airstrikes on Syria.

Trump acknowledged Bolton, who was standing along the wall of a gym near Miami where the president was participating in a tax event. The crowd gave Bolton a raucous standing ovation.

“John, that’s pretty good. I didn’t expect that. I’m a little jealous,” Trump said. “Are you giving him all the credit? Uh oh, you know that means the end of his job.”

The president seemed to be thrilled with the missile strike on Syria, which came in response to a deadly chemical weapons attack the U.S. says was carried out by Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces.

“With way over 100 missiles shot in, they didn’t shoot one down,” Trump said. "Every single one hit its target.”

Bolton, who started his job on April 9, is Trump’s third national security adviser in just 15 months, part of a historic level of turnover on his senior staff.

The president is said to chafe when his aides receive what he feels is outsized attention.

Trump was reportedly angered by a Time magazine cover that dubbed his former chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, “the great manipulator.”

Bolton better watch his step...