He says it’s all about him—- and it is

He says it's all about him --- and it is

by digby

According to this CNN poll, 70% of voters say they are sending a message to Donald Trump: 42% in opposition to him and 28% in support.

Among women, 50% are voting to send a message in opposition to Trump and 25% are in support with the rest saying he has no effect on their vote.

The gender gap cuts across lines of race and education, with non-white women (79% favor Democrats) and white women with college degrees (68% back the Democrat) breaking most heavily for the Democrats, while white men (57% Republican) and particularly white men without college degrees (65% back the Republican) are most deeply behind the GOP.

Trump has been saying at every rally that a vote for a Republican is a vote for him. It's true. That's what this is about, when you get right down to it.  70% of voters agree.

So the result tomorrow is all about him and the sycophantic toadies who have kissed his feet. They own it.