Glenn Greenwald Is a Brand

I get that.

With enormous financial backing.

I get that too.

Glenn has many loyal customers. And no matter what you tell them -- no matter how many different times Mr. Greenwald just wildly shits the bed with comments about, say, Barack Obama raping a nun on national television -- his brand-loyal customers will go right on chugging his wood grain alcohol until they go blind. And then they will blame Hillary Obama when they trip over an Ottoman.  Or walk through a plate glass window.  Or are so twitchy for a wallop of their righteous go-go juice that they will sit and watch Fox News to catch Tucker Carson yuck it up with his new, semi-regular sidekick.

So I am not going to comment on any of that.

Instead, I'm gonna just let this sit here and age gracefully.

Like a fine wine

Or a stanky cheese.

Behold, a Tip Jar!