Genocide by tristero


by tristero

The bizarre, insane chaos in the US has distracted many from a terrible atrocity. This article is an excellent introduction to the tragedy of the Rohingya in Myanmar and Aung Sang Suu Kyi's inexcusable behavior and at least tacit complicity in the genocide.

Agreed: the situation in the US is, while often masquerading as a sick farce, in a real sense, far more dangerous. We are poised over an abyss with a madman trying to push us in. And if we go to war with Korea or Iran or wherever-the-hell-else he has in mind, the hideous suffering of the Rohingya will be multiplied 1000 times around the world.

But ignoring a human catastrophe of the scope of the Rohingya... this too is not normal and it must stop.

In addition, today the NY Times reported that two Reuters reporters were arrested by Myanmar authorities for their meticulous report of a massacre.