First They Came For The Libtards…

Every #NeverTrump book have the same adorably unspoken subtitle: "So it turned out the Libtards were right all along & I never had the slightest clue what was really going on inside my own party, so buy my book full of insights into what is really going on inside my party!"

-- me, yesterday
You've probably heard this story already, but it bears repeating.  From CBS:
"You're making a veteran suffer": Veteran's wife addresses Trump as she heads back to Mexico
One more sad headline in a long line of sad headlines, but there is one sentence that sets it apart. (emphasis added)
"My mom is a good person and she's not a criminal so f*** ICE," one of her daughters said.

Her undocumented status was exposed five years ago during a routine traffic stop. She was ordered to check in with ICE agents twice a year since she was considered a low priority case.

Her husband, who voted for Mr. Trump, said he didn't think that vote would affect his family.
The pain being inflicted on this Marine veteran and his family is far more savage than any price I have ever had to pay for any of my many acts of dumbassery, so it serves no one's cause to salt his wounds with my Libtard tears.

Maybe he'll know better next time.  Maybe not.  From Dana Milbank Pitts in the Washington Post:

Sgt. Temo Juarez was a Trump guy. An Iraq combat veteran who served as a Marine infantryman and then an Army National Guardsman, his friends called him a “super conservative.” With his wife, he brought up their two daughters in Central Florida. He supported Trump in 2016, eager for a change. 
But now, “I am eating my words,” he told the military newspaper Stars and Stripes in an interview published last week.
What is instructive is Mr. Juarez's completely predictable reaction when the Republican monster he thought he was turning loose on the rest of us actually turned on him.

Because it is exactly the same baffled reaction we heard from Trump-voting coal miners when someone explained to them in very small words that the coal-loving King MAGA they just elected was, in fact, going to brutally screw them over.

Exactly the same puzzled, bovine incomprehension from Trump-voting farmers who are finding out the hard way what "tariffs" actually mean.

Unbidden, Martin Niemöller's overworked poem --
First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a socialist...
-- comes to mind.

For those of us whose understanding of America is not skimmed from drive-by New York Times Magic Ruralism safaris, this is not hard to understand.  Impossible to excuse, but not hard to understand.

After all, the military has traditionally skewed Right --
Military Times survey: Troops prefer Trump to Clinton by a huge margin
-- so the idea that some Florida jarhead would vote for Il Douche because Freedumb!, completely oblivious to the inevitable blowback that would blow his family apart is not terribly shocking.

Likewise farmers  They skew fearful, parochial and Fox News:
You must excuse them. They are farmers here. They are afraid of everyone and everything. They are afraid of rain, and no rain. The summer may be too hot, or the winter too cold. If the sow has no pigs, the farmer is afraid he may starve. If she has too many pigs, he is afraid she may starve.  -- Old Man, The Magnificent Seven
These are, to borrow a phrase, the people of the land.

They have no special training in the political dark arts, so while they may be stupid or selfish or racist and just plain wrong about everything, well, that's just who they are.  Beeves on the stun line who don't know any better than to queue up to become some else's rib-eye dinner.

Over and over and over again.

But what about those Republicans who did have advanced training in the political dark arts --(emphasis added)
And Now On the Right…

Barack Obama’s speech on race drew generally rave reviews among commentators and columnists, and a stellar endorsement in a New York Times editorial. But early signs show that it will not stop conservatives from exploiting Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s comments against him should he turn out to be the Democratic nominee.

In fact, the GOP seems almost gleeful that Obama didn’t fully distance himself from Wright.

“It was a speech written to mau-mau the New York Times editorial board, the network production people and the media into submission. Beautifully calibrated but deeply dishonest,” GOP media consultant Rick Wilson, who crafted the 2002 ad tying then-Sen. Max Cleland to Osama bin Laden, told the Politico. “Not good enough.”
-- who now want America to buy their little book exposing the scandalous fact that the Republican Party is exactly as Liberals have described it all along?

What about those Republicans who ate and breathed focus groups and poll testing, who did their basic training at Fort Lee Atwater and received their masters degree at the Karl Rove School of Ratfuckery --

If you want to really irritate Steve Schmidt (and seeing that he's 6 feet, 225 pounds, and can show a flash of temper, it's not recommended), just compare him to Karl Rove. The man in charge of John McCain's day-to-day presidential campaign is tired of reporters saying he's Rove's "protégé"—the implication being that he is willing to do anything to win. For the record: the two men go back only to 2004, when Schmidt, then a 34-year-old consultant, was hired to run George W. Bush's re-election war room.

Schmidt learned then what it means to play rough when your candidate is behind. Now, four years later, he is back at it. McCain is down in the polls, and the candidate has struggled to get a consistent message across to voters. When that happened to Bush in 2000 and 2004, Rove unleashed meaner speeches and uglier campaign ads. Under Schmidt's direction, McCain is doing the same...
-- who are now desperate to pretend that their Republican Party sprang spontaneously into existence two years ago?