Fighting about pedophilia.

Fighting about pedophilia

by digby

John Amato caught Outnumbered today and boy was it something:

After discussing the possible fate of the Alabama Senate seat after allegations that Moore likes underage girls and if Luther Strange should be a write-in candidate, the ladies on the panel got very serious about what was happening within the GOP.

Dagen McDowell asked how this would play out. Gillian Turner said it would guarantee a win for the Dems if he imitated Lisa Murkowski.

Turner continued, "Unfortunately for the Republican Party, whether Judge Moore is guilty or innocent, this is bad news and I think bodes poorly."

"We just spent the previous block talking about tax reform. This bodes poorly for Republican initiatives because the party is now fighting amongst itself about pedophilia, right? This is not a party that is in a state to govern effectively, to lead the nation and legislate never mind take a stand and tackling generational issues like tax reform."

Harris Faulkner was horrified and said, "They are dripping and searing those words. Fighting about pedophilia."

No one on set denied these words.

Harris then opined that what was just as damaging was all these politicos retiring from the GOP.

She said, "You've seen more than two dozen House Republicans confirm that they will not be returning for reelection in 2018 above -- "

Gillian, "And many of them Committee leaders."

Harris replied, "Good point, Gillian. And that is far above the average of House retirement per election cycles. So you've got an onslaught and in the middle of it now a scandal that when I hear you describe it no matter how it shakes out in the end with the facts, yuck!"

What about tax reform people!!!

Click over to see the video. You won't believe it.