Fake Internet Tough-Guy vs. His Red Headed Stepchildren

At the moment, fake internet tough-guy, Rick Wilson, is hanging onto the fickle, fleeting media spotlight by using his place at the national teevee table to insult Republican voters as toothless rubes.

Which then attracted the attention of Tucker "His Face Finally Really Did Freeze That Way" Carlson, who had been shopping around for something to Be Very Indignant About besides panda sex and strong, independent women.

Which, in turn, delighted Mr. Wilson, as it gave him an opportunity to milk this fake fight for even more spotlight and content by Twitter-poking the toothless rube hornet's nest over and over again, and then publishing excerpts from the illiterate hate mail he received from the aforementioned toothless rubes.

Man oh man, does Rick Wilson ever hate those damn, ignorant, toe-pickin', gas-sippin' Republican chumps who put Donald John Trump in the White House.

But here's the thing.

Up until about five minutes ago, Rick Wilson's job was feeding those very same ignorant, toe-pickin', gas-sippin' Republican chumps big, greasy slabs of wingnut red meat in order to get the sleazy Republican candidates for whom he worked elected.  In fact, it would be fair to say that Rick Wilson would not have a roof over his head, or food on his table, or a private plane, or enjoy the wide network of influential contacts who keep him in the spotlight had he not been so successful for so many years at relentlessly pandering to the same ignorant, toe-pickin', gas-sippin' Republican chumps who he now openly mocks as toothless, credulous rubes.

Fortunately for Rick, he has fallen in with the one profession where filling the pockets of a certain breed of media-spawned Conservative while carefully concealing from the public the frauds, lies and mind-blowing hypocrisies of those Conservatives is just another day at the office.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, that profession is now what passes for "journalism".