Even rich libertarians don’t live forever

Even rich libertarians don't live forever

by digby

I don't know who will take their places but someone surely will. There's always more greedy rich guys and probably more than ever these days. (Peter Thiel?)

Billionaire conservative icon David Koch is stepping down from the Koch brothers’ network of business and political activities.

The 78-year-old New York resident is suffering from deteriorating health, according to a letter that older brother Charles Koch sent to company officials Tuesday morning.

Charles Koch wrote that he is “deeply saddened” by his brother’s retirement. “David has always been a fighter and is dealing with this challenge in the same way,” he wrote.

David Koch is leaving his roles as executive vice president and board member for Koch Industries and a subsidiary, Koch Chemical Technology group, where he served as chairman and chief executive officer. Koch is also stepping down as chairman of the board for the Americans For Prosperity Foundation, the charity related to Koch brothers’ primary political organization.

Charles Koch had assumed a more visible leadership role in the brothers’ affairs in recent years. He will continue to serve as the CEO of Koch Industries and the unofficial face of the network’s political efforts.

Charles Koch is 82, so he won't be around forever either.

I'm not one to celebrate the misfortune of others even if they are political adversaries. The world will be a better place when the Kochs shuffle off their mortal coils as we all will do someday.

(I would make an exception for Trump. I'm sorry, but I will celebrate quietly if he dies in his sleep. I know that's terrible but I've hated anyone so thoroughly in my life as I hate him.)