Election stealing in Bizarroworld

Election stealing in Bizarroworld

by digby

Laura Ingraham is having a cow:

The integrity of our elections is imperiled. We may be witnessing yet another in a series of stolen elections in Florida. Democrats are experts at pulling swifties at the ballot box, you know, it is widely believed that they resorted to voter fraud in Illinois and Texas to tilt the election of John F. Kennedy over Nixon in 1960. And they may be up to their old tricks again.

Ballot irregularities in Palm Beach and Broward County in Florida are front and center. The president, of course, has been very vocal about what he believes is happening there. Here’s just some of what he’s had to say:

“Well, you take a look at the past. Take a look at the past. And all of a sudden they are finding votes? You mean, after the election they are finding votes? “

Predictably, the media have rushed in to pooh-pooh any notion of voter fraud.

The New York Times on Tuesday wrote, “in Florida, no one has offered evidence of widespread election fraud...”

No one? I love the weasel word “widespread.” Neat-o.

If one or two counties in Florida are engaged in voter fraud, it is widespread. It affects the entire state results and the results perhaps for the rest of the country.
My friends, this is a complete travesty that cannot be permitted to change the outcome of this election.

And it’s sadly is not restricted to the Sunshine State. There’s Georgia, too.

So what is next? I think as the Kavanaugh fight demonstrated, the Republicans must stand united to expose the maleficence and fraud of the left. Because when we do, we usually win.

We cannot allow this flouting of the rules and procedures by corrupt officials or political hacks. We can’t let it stand. If we allow this to go unchecked, it will undermine our democracy, and like a contagion, it's going to spread across the nation. Eighteen years? Can you believe it, since Bush v. Gore? It's absolutely unforgivable that we are still dealing with these type of issues.

It is time for the Department of Justice to step in and do a top to bottom investigation regarding why these issues still persist.

And if necessary, people are going to have to go to jail. There has to be repercussions for willful fraudulent defiance of electoral laws.

If this isn't cleaned up, I'm telling you, the GOP can kiss any hopes of restoring their majority, let alone a presidential victory, well, they can kiss it bye-bye in 2020.

It seems that their go-to in every situation is "lock them up!"

Nah, nothing authoritarian happening in the GOP. Nothing at all.

By the way, their hysteria over "voter fraud" in Florida is, of course, utter bullshit. The problem down there is an antiquated, under-resourced electoral system.

Republicans have been running the damned place for three decades now. It's pretty clear who benefits.