Earn and Create Web Design/Development Video Tutorials Using LabVidz

Recently I wrote an article about how developers and designers can earn money as a side project, which included writing tutorials, recording video tutorials, writing an eBook, and creating a premium membership website to name a few a few different options.

Today, what I’m going to show you is how to combine those three to form a super website where you can showcase your talents, products, and general awesomeness.

In this post you will learn how to:

  • leverage your skills to create a product
  • turn that product into an income generator
    • using a unique tool that we’ll provide, something you’ve never seen before
    • which will absolutely require zero coding skills on your end
  • launch your products with a perfect website (absolutely no coding required!)

Why are we doing this? Because we can…and we want to revolutionize the way people leverage their skills to actually earn more on the side, even while having a 9 to 5 job.

The end-game? You could be your own boss in no time!

It’s super easy! What are you waiting for? Show me your war faces!

Videos are cool, that’s why websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion are the first place people go to for entertainment and education. In fact, everyone I know prefer watching video tutorials to reading a thousand-word article.

Why not do the same thing for your products?

Why Create a Video Subscription Website

This is becoming pretty common nowadays, startups introducing their service with a minute-long video with cool animation, explaining what their service is all about, the fun facts about it, and other important details. Humans are visual beings, and we’re impressed by well-presented visuals.

Now, whether you’re a designer or a developer, I’m pretty sure that by now you have amassed hundreds of techniques and have improved your skills significantly over the last year. Why not leverage that and create a product of your own?

Try searching YouTube and you’ll see loads of tutorials ranging from programming to design. Many upload their tutorials on YouTube without knowing how to monetize their content while YouTube is earning quite a lot for their page views. Now, you might say that they’re already there, and in fact these are free tutorials, how can you compete?

It’s all about presentation and better features! And with LabVidz, that won’t be a problem because everything you need is basically there!

Soon we will publish video tutorials, since there are two types of people: those who prefer reading and those who would rather watch a tutorial. Those who prefer to read are mostly our readers while the latter you’ll find on YouTube and other video websites. The goal is the same, but the presentation is where the tug o’ war happens, so why not offer the same thing?

The good thing about this is that they will be relevant for a long time, and maintenance is low once you’re done recording. All you need to do then is to market it, and when it gains traction it is effectively a passive income generator.

Ideas and Videos

I know that you have an idea lingering in your thoughts whenever you lie on your bed at 3am, or when you’re in the shower, or maybe even while riding the bus. We all have moments like this, and 99% of the time we just let them pass and never look back. Then forgotten.

This is why I advocate bringing a pen and a notepad wherever you go, two items that you can whip out wherever you go. A laptop or a tablet will definitely do too, though.

Anyway, the point is if you still have those ideas lurking inside you, now is the time to write them down and see the most viable option.

Who knows, you’ll probably be the next Sacha Greif - a freelance web designer who wrote an e-book and earned (and is still earning) $15,000 through it. But wait, that’s an e-book and we’re talking about videos here!

The concept is pretty much the same. Sacha’s book is all about UI and creating a web application. See where this is headed? The idea is simple: create a web app, document it, format it into a book, sell it. Boom! $15,000.

Now, you’re a designer or a web developer and you’d do the same but you’re not that fond of writing. It’s okay, you can still follow his steps!

Say, you are pretty good with PHP or Adobe Photoshop. Why not create a course on them?’s CSS3 Typography Course

Above is Teamtreehouse‘s CSS3 Typography course. I know that by now you know what I’m trying to point out, right? Currently they have several thousands of clients/customers/students, and a lot of those only want a portion of what they offer!

If you know PHP, then create a course out of it with the goal of creating a web application. If you know how to use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator or other software, then create a course that will help beginners rise up to your level.

By doing this you are already helping people learn new things and you can earn while doing it!

Introducing LabVidz

LabVidz makes it easy for everyone to create and monetize videos. You can try it for free of up to 3 videos and see how amazing and versatile LabVidz is. It’s responsive and has a lot of features from membership management down to managing payments and social sharing.

It’s a responsive video subscription website!

What You Can Do With LabVidz

It’s a given that you’re either a web designer or a web developer with great knowledge of your industry, so why not use that experience and knowledge to your advantage? It would be a waste to just keep it to yourself and not leverage it, right?

With LabVidz, you won’t have to worry about creating an entire website to host your video tutorials!

With Labvidz:

  1. You can create video tutorials and simply upload it on your control panel. It’s a 1-2-3 step, really, so easy even your grandma can create a baking tutorial and upload it without hassle!
  2. You can either use it as a landing page for your product, or an introduction to some service you have. Accepting payments is easy, you won’t even break a sweat!
  3. You can create the next Lynda or TeamTreeHouse where you can offer video courses.

All of this in just minutes!

What LabZip Can Do

Still skeptical? Why not read More than 150,000 reasons why you should launch a video membership site with LabVidz?

And remember, LabVidz and LabZip are 1WD approved!