Dyspeptic Old Fuck Steals Keys To The Bush-Off Machine

From the Bush-Off Machine they tumbled like fresh laundered sheets
Screaming about deficits! Taxes! And those awful elites!
They had never liked Bush, no not even a little...
...they shrieked from mouths flecked with Patriot Spittle.
They'd never voted for him, nor swallowed his dirt.

You don't believe me? Just look at my shirt!...

It has come to this because it was always going to come to this.  From Newsweek:


Fox Business News Host Lou Dobbs called former Republican President George W. Bush a liberal on his show,  Lou Dobbs Tonight, Thursday.

In a segment on free trade, the conservative host, who has interviewed President Donald Trump on numerous occasions, called President Barack Obama a “radical left-winger,” and said that Republican President George W. Bush was “a radical... What would you call him? A liberal himself. He wasn’t a conservative.”

Later in the program, Dobbs returned to his point about Bush’s political leanings. He called both Bush and Obama “disasters” and joked with Freeman that he had “blinked when I said that Bush was a liberal, not a conservative!”...
Here is a jumpy snip of video showing "radical liberal" George W. Bush speaking at the 2008 Conservative Political Action Committee and doing the most Conservative shit of all -- ignoring his own incontrovertible record of corruption and catastrophe and shifting blame to newspaper editorials, "international organizations", Code Pink and Move On, while the Conservative meatheads in the audience applaud wildly.

He has over 3,000 years of experience on teevee shouting at Mexican clouds, but Loud Obbs still does not understand how time, history or video tape works.


PS. I'm pulling this comment from Professor Chaos up to the main body of the post because it is so on-point:
This is what I think of every time some Resistance tweeter says the history will remember the sins of Trump or that the GOP will never live Trump down. They have zero qualms about rewriting history to serve their narrative. 

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